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home is where you hang yourself

been home for almost a week, and its been very uneventful.
i want to get back to school as soon as possible. which is wierd because when im there i have mixed feelings about PA, which leads me to beleive where am i going with life? but whatevs i dont really care much at the moment

went out with derrek tonight, it was good to see him because hes one of the last people in this town thats real to me, and we go way back. which leads to me saying: never take friendship personal.

def. not heading in the right direction in life at the moment. but i needed something because im going crazy here at home.

so christmas is here already, which is crazy. time has flown this year and im already half way done with college and its a very scary thought.

dont know where im going with this entry or where im going in general for that matter. im just living by the day. and we'll see what comes of it.

merry effin christmas.
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